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Student applicants from Arab countries who are interested in pursuing pre-graduate studies at the University of Harvard in the United States of America are encouraged to submit their applications to the Beca HAAA. Furthermore, in the year 2010, the Asociación de Antiguos Alumnos Árabes de Harvard (HAAA) initiated the establishment of the HAAA Becas Fondo, which was the first of its kind in Harvard. The purpose of this fund was to promote the goal of increasing the number of Arab students attending Harvard.

Currently, the Arab world constitutes a minuscule proportion of the student body of Harvard University. In 2013, just 118 students from Arab nations were enrolled in Harvard's various faculties and graduate programs. This figure is less than 2% of the total number of students from across the world who are enrolled in Harvard's programs. It is the goal of this project to raise ten million dollars in order to provide assistance to students from the Arab world who have economic needs and are accepted into any of the schools administered by Harvard.

The Eligibility Requirements for the HYAA Scholarship

The Harvard General award Committee will be the sole entity responsible for selecting the beneficiaries of the HAAA award. The committee will base its decision on the following criteria, which were set by the Harvard Arab Alumni Association:

  1. Language that is required is English.
  2. Nations That Are Eligible: It is required that the student be a resident or native of one of the following Arab countries: Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Somalia, Djibouti, Mauritania, and Comoros.
  3. The student must have been admitted by Harvard University into a full-time degree program at any of the Harvard University institutions (for example, the Kennedy School, the Law School, the Business School, or the College).
  4. In accordance with the basic scholarship standards established by Harvard University, the student is required to provide evidence of their financial need.
  5. Students who have graduated from an educational institution in an Arab nation with a previous degree (for example, from high school or university) will be given preference throughout the application process.

The Harvard University Scholarships program provides a wide range of financial assistance to students in the form of prizes, scholarships, fellowships, and endowment funds. Students from the United States and students from other countries are given equal consideration for awarding this need-based grant. The typical amount of financial help received by Harvard students is $55,354.

Scholarships offered by Harvard Academy provide the winner with a number of benefits, including the following:

  • As part of their yearly compensation, postdoctoral academy fellows will earn a salary of $75,000.
  • Additionally, in addition to this stipend, extra monies are granted for travel expenses related to research and conferences, research assistants, and health insurance reimbursement.
  • There is a tolerance for some training, but it is not required.
  • This scholarship at Harvard University assists in managing all of the costs associated with studying.

There are currently four scholarships available to international students at Harvard University. There are a variety of conditions that must be met in order to be eligible for a scholarship, including qualification requirements, perks, and application procedures.

In addition, the organization that is providing this scholarship is dedicated to promoting high educational standards and providing assistance to students who would not otherwise be able to afford it. This option has made it easier for potential students to accomplish their aspirations, despite the fact that many suitable individuals are unable to attend Harvard University due to financial constraints.

How does one go about applying for scholarships at Harvard University?

Follow the link provided at the end to access the official website. To apply for a scholarship from Harvard University in the United States, the following procedures are required:

  1. Submit an application to any of the schools and universities affiliated with Harvard University; the second step will not take place until after you have been admitted to Harvard.
  2. The chief financial officer of your school and institution will forward your application to the General Scholarship Committee at Harvard, which will then make the decision regarding who will be awarded the scholarship. In the United States of America, there is no requirement to submit an application for a scholarship from Harvard University.

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